Written By: Kaya Lemaire

Sorting out your visa in Taiwan can be a real pain. As a foreigner in Taiwan, it’s easy to feel like the system is working against you.

We love Taiwan, however the bureaucracy, not so much.

That being said, there are many visas for the different situations foreigners find themselves in. So, if you’re struggling to figure out which visa is right for you, take a peek at this guide and follow your rainbow to the pot of “legal status” in Taiwan. …

By Mark Hsu

There is a structural change taking place in our world today that will greatly impact how we live and work. While the physical infrastructure underpinning digitization continues to blaze forward, professional services catering to the “Future of Work” has lagged, especially in Asia.

11th Fleet’s mission is to make Asia more accessible to the rest of the world starting with our home base in Taiwan. While Taiwan has made great strides over the past decade in internationalizing itself, navigating Taiwan as an outsider may often feel “buggy”. …

Part I: International Schools

Currently there are 22 international schools in Taiwan. A “true” international school as defined by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education requires that the student holds a foreign passport. Note this definition is different from a school that offers an international curriculum and does not require a foreign passport. There are a few schools in Taiwan that fall into this category, which we will cover in Part II of this article.

There are a variety of International schools in Taiwan, American vs Japanese, religious vs secular, and a European school in between. Of the 22 international schools, there…

EasyCard is a must if you are in Taiwan. What first started as an electronic transport ticket system has become one of the most common mobile payments for pretty much everything throughout the island. EasyCard services range from public transports to payments for parking to convenience store purchases.

You can purchase an EasyCard at any MRT station or convenience stores such as 7–11 or FamilyMart for around NT$ 100 each. Check out the different types of EasyCards here.


First, let’s get started with the transportation services. Two of the most common usage of the EasyCard are the MRT (subway/train) and…

With international travel largely off limits, Taiwan offers ample opportunities for you to get away. Perhaps unfamiliar to the newly arrived visitor/resident to Taiwan, Taiwan’s three domestic airlines offer a number of flights to idyllic destinations. You may find it surprising that approximately 5 million passengers fly domestically each year.

Here is a quick glance of airports in Taiwan with domestic flights.

There are three main airlines for domestic flights to choose from — Mandarin Airlines, UNI Air and Daily Air. Mandarin Airlines is the domestic airline subsidiary of China Airlines. Uni Air is the domestic airline subsidiary of EVA…


The Taiwanese government has earmarked billions in USD to jumpstart Taiwanese start-ups. The money is parked at various government agencies and at the central and local (municipalities) level.

A good way to think about these programs is to think of them as subsidies. You cannot apply for a “blank check” grant based on a project and decide what you will spend the money on. …

11th Fleet have fielded quite a number of questions about setting up a company in Taiwan. One thing that many people find surprising is the maintenance cost of keeping a company active in Taiwan can be higher than US, Europe, Singapore or Hong Kong, where professional costs are actually higher than in Taiwan. This is primarily due to the fact that unlike other countries where you can just form a company and leave it as is and file once a year tax returns, there are costs associated with a Taiwanese company on a monthly basis. …

Normally, I’d say that start-ups fail because they shoot themselves in the foot rather than being destroyed by a competitor. But, if you’re not fearful now, you’re either oblivious, delusional, trying to be contrarian or dumb. All of which do not bode well for your survival prospects. (If you see something that others don’t see, more power to you.)

As an entrepreneur who has lived through the Asian Financial crisis, the dot com collapse, SARS and the Great Financial Recession and a more localized natural catastrophe, the 921 earthquake in 1999 (and luckily survived), I’d say what has me most…

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